Thursday, July 9, 2009

1663. These are key molds that were used by OSI agents, they are simple presses that were used with a clay-like substance to make an impression of a key in order to copy it.

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1664. This jungle penetrator is a rescue device that could break through dense foliage when lowered by cable from a helicopter. It folds out into a seat and was used by pararescuemen who often rode them to the ground. Straps are provided to secure riders as they are hoisted, and a flotation collar can be attached for water rescues. It weighs about 20 pounds and was developed by the Kaman Corporation, which also built the HH-43 Huskie rescue helicopter.

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1665. A stifle or patten horseshoe, when a horse injures the stifle joint, they put one of these shoes on the opposite leg of the injured one so the horse will put weight on the hurt leg so it will not be further damaged.

1666. The blade seen below is a parachute shroud cutter, the knife is colored orange so it cannot be easily lost. Shrouds must be cut if the parachute is caught in tress or other obstacles.

1667. A downspout holder, it was driven into the side of a house, a wire through the hooks kept the downspout in place.

1668. Don't yet know for sure how this device was used, guesses on it include:
-for measuring the position of emission and absorption lines from photographing the output from a prism or a diffraction grating
-Cartographer's measure

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